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December 20th, 2011

by Richard



Blastoise is awesome. He’s really bulky in defense and special defense and can use both physical and special fairly well. What really kills him is speed, though. 78 base speed isn’t all that ideal. But Blastoise is awesome anyways.


HP 79

Attack 83

Defense 100

Special Attack 85

Special Defense 105

Speed 78


Torrent: When Blastoise’s HP is below 1/3, your Water type attacks are multiplied by 1.5. Pretty nice add-on to STAB.

Rain Dish (Dream World): When it’s raining, Blastoise gets 1/16th of his HP back at the end of every turn. That’s a great add-on to Blastoise’s defenses and will really drive your opponent crazy.



  • Hydro Pump, Surf
  • Earthquake
  • Blizzard, Ice Beam
  • Rain Dance, Flash Cannon
  • Ability: Torrent, Rain Dish
  • Item: Damp Rock, Wise Glasses

A combination of awesome moves. Hydro Pump is you main move. You could go with Surf for better accuracy, though. Earthquake is amazing and takes out electrics and steels. Blizzard hits most everything hard and takes out dragons and grass types. Ice beam is an alternative with better accuracy. The last slot is your choice. Rain Dance is good with Hydro Pump and Rain Dish whereas Flash Cannon lets you take care of Ice types. Either way, no single type is resistant. The Damp Rock allows Rain dance  to last 8 turns. The Wise Glasses raise the power of special attacks by 10%.


  • Rapid Spin
  • Rain Dance
  • Toxic
  • Hydro Pump, Surf
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Item: Damp Rock

It’s awesome that Blastoise gets Rapid Spin. Rapid Spin takes out entry hazards. Rain Dance raises the power of Water type moves and makes Thunder always hit. Toxic badly poisons and it hurts more every turn. Hydro Pump or Surf keeps you from being Taunt bait and works well with Rain Dance.


  • Skull Bash, Iron Defense
  • Aqua Tail, Waterfall
  • Toxic
  • Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Return, Dig, Brick Break, a physical move, Protect
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Item: Leftovers

Skull Bash is cool. You raise your defense the first turn, then attack the next turn with plenty of power. You could also use Iron Defense to make yourself a physical wall.  Aqua tail is a cool physical water type move, but Waterfall has a more accuracy and a drop in power. Toxic is great for stalling moves like Dig. The last slot is your choice. Earthquake is awesome. Gyro Ball could be awesome with your low speed. Return is another physical move that gets good coverage with water outside of Jellicent and Ferrotron. Dig stalls for Toxic damage. Brick Break is good for a wide range of types. Protect is another option to stall for Toxic damage.


  • Rest is Blastoise’s only recovery move
  • Focus Blast is a cool fighting type move
  • Scald can inflict burns
  • Hydro Cannon is a better version of Hydro Pump but has even less accuracy and you have to recharge for a turn
  • Sweeper: You want max special attack and max speed or defense.
  • Rapid Spin: Max HP and max defense  or special defense.
  • Skull Bash: Max attack and max defense or special defense.


Blastoise is an awesome starter with tons of bulk and plenty of options. Although he is mainly used for spinning, he can be physical and special sweeper and has plenty of other support moves. Blastoise is my personal favorite Kanto starter and is great for in-game use in FireRed and LeafGreen. Blastoise is very special in being a tank. Tons of good moves and an impenetrable wall.

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